The moment as deep as you can perceive,

time stands more than still,

beautiful as the cool night,

gentle summer Sun,

deep delicate colours,

rugged and wild,

natural delight,

Forever ready

As the sun rose,

she was ready, waiting,

watching, walking, waiting,

ready before the dawn,

ready to serve,

they followed her drum,

that is why they had come,

drawn together forever,

nature and her might,

always she was ready,

a force we do not see,

life’s delicate balance,


continuing, aware, she understands,









The world and my weaknesses,

Crush me,

Gravity out of control,


Predators, a dark tank of sharks,

Joyous moments and happy smiles,

Clean fresh water, life,

Sugar, carbonated coke lifts my spirits,

we all come to pass,

A couple of casual comments summarise,

Over there they lie,

Another takes their turn,

Hopefully it is possible to learn,






Poem called Warmth

I sit watching and listening to the trees,

waving on a soft summer night,

my spirits lift,

my body feels the warm wind that sways the branches,

misery and despair make way for care,

finally you are sat with me,

as temporary as the seasons,

I cannot give you my reasons,

they watch on,

waiting until he is gone,

sniggering, bitter wit,

pieces of shit,

my heart still hurts,

my head feels heavy,

moments pass,

I wish to be free,

filling myself with clean air,

my heart ignites, I love you so,

please, I never want to go,



Poetry, branches, poems

We took turns to be misunderstood,

words turned to glass,

as winter took it’s last,

cold victory,

satisfying Spring,

painted and bathed,

a festival of love,

falling summer rain,

shattered blue sky,

little yellow strikes of burning light,

the sun shone through us,

we ignited,

kinetically delighted,

dark but fair,

deep and blue,

could what your saying,

possible be true,

I don’t like to stop to wander,

nor shall I let us stand here while I ponder,

every single second of every interaction,

chasing laws of maths,

she smiles when he laughs,




The Wind and the Sun

Lake District Mountains

The answers were never clear,

deeply submerged by fear,

solidarity my only retreat,

please let me know where we can meet,

streams warmed by the sun wash my feet,

the babbling sounds capture my heart,

my love for you and your art,

gives me a daily fresh start,

we climb the mountain,

on a clear summers day,

I feel your warmth as the wind whistles,

we climb down and stop to bath in a mountain stream,

blessings and wishes, I will always be holding your hand,

running to catch up as we walk your land,



Through the clear night sky,
I spoke my mind,
clean space,
clean air,
sitting still,
drinking tea,
it’s kind that you listen,
let’s watch the branches wave in the wind,
let’s listen to each other,
contentment stares back to me,
the sea waves splash my feet,
I walk slowly in,
floating on my back,
warm sun gently soothes,

Silk Sky

I ride by my ancestors side,

Gliding through silk sky’s,

Scotch smoke


Warm Scotch Wiskey đŸ„ƒ rain,

soothes my heartache,

soothes my pain,

strong smooth smoke fills my brain,

peace and tranquility I seek to find,

Creation elation


Grafting together in the silence of a golden night,

a painting of true delight,

dashes of colour,

textured depth,

brush strokes pulling through the paint,



selfless patience,

pursuit of mutual perfection,

passionate loving affection,

a vibrant image,

an everlasting contribution to evolution,

creation elation,
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