Don’t leave for too long

Her wonderful adventures,

mountains and streams,

really the stuff of fairy tale dreams,

beaches, sea, sand and sunsets,

romance and friends,

occasionally she thought of home,

I hope they are well,

after some years,

she made her way home,

she walked the old garden path,

where her family played and laughed,

they were still there but older,

tears came to her eyes,

never again shall I leave,

not a single travelling story she cared to repeat,

I am home and here I shall stay,

not a second shall they grow older without me there,

tending to the flowers with a cup of tea,

seasons pass,

home feels familiar again,

she is content,

precious time,



Rough hands, careful plans

With strong rough hands,

we nurtured and raised,

careful plans,

growing old,

hearts becoming cold,

moments of rare warmth,

engraved in the lines on our faces,

my time belongs with you,







The sentiment of time

A gift of a moment,
the sentiment of time, 
measure me, treasure
and wish me away,


As autumn came life retreated again,
a moment of pause,
in the great cause, 
returning in time,
with the sunshine,


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