The Goldfish

The Goldfish has no name she is just Goldfish, she was rescued from a very dark place, a place where the owners had left a once thriving aquarium to die, starving each and every one of the Goldfish’s friend. The Goldfish was the only survivor of this awful circumstance. She was rescued by a man called Sam, who when hearing of the plight of the fish immediately paid the previous owners for the aquarium and took it to his home. At this home the tank was cleaned and the Goldfish fed and nursed back to a fulfilling existence. The Goldfish had lost many friends through the tragic circumstances, though is now living happily in her new home. The Goldfish and her friend Sam are very close. Nothing will ease the nightmare of what the Goldfish endured but the Goldfish was not one to hold grudges. The Goldfish talks quite openly to whoever she meets about her plight, in the hope that it raises awareness of what can happen if the darkness is not kept under control. The Goldfish enjoys using video sharing platforms to communicate with other survivors of difficult times in order that they may share whatever it is that is troubling them the most. Fortunately the world the Goldfish lives in now is very different from the dark time that the Goldfish endured. Since the dark times there has been gigantic leaps forward in technology and inter species approaches to each other.


Kind Bears – Necessities

Dancing Bears used to be a symbol of cruelty in the dark times before the light. 
Before the time of laboratory grown meat and animal- computer interaction.
Now a dancing bear is something to be rejoiced as they are majestic creatures as all are, The bears are now able to dance alongside humans and any other creatures, although carefully as not to harm another creatures with there size. This is less of an issue now though as computer technology has advanced to the stage where all creatures are aware of each others required space and do not have to worry to much about infringing on it. The bears like to clap along to many a song and drum beat, they have been very keen to record music of their own genre and it is so far a great success with all the creatures, Bare necessities is a song which is a constant reminder to the populations of creatures to ensure they safeguard what it is that provides peace. A constantly evolving selection of laboratory grown meat along with computer technology.
“The best way of being kind to bears is not to be very close to them.” 
― Margaret AtwoodMaddAddam
This quotation is now history and bears now cherish company, as they did not always wish to choose solitude although they still value their own space and peace and quiet, Bears now enjoy the kindness that flows around the planet. 

Chapter: Chickens and Politics

The quiet squawking of the chickens was like a lullaby to rest of the animals. The chat was mainly politics with the chickens, politics of who could eat what, who would perch where, constant discussion with each other.
The chickens were early adopters of any form of technology, especially that of a social nature. They love to talk, there is a now a clear view amongst the chickens that the old, the ill and the young must be cared for. No one really cares to consider the darkness that we once lived in. Worms now go about their business not concerned by what was once a terrifying ordeal to survive alongside chickens. The chickens likewise have come to interact with humans without bearing grudge or desperation at what is now referred to what are now referred to as the dark days.
The technological revolution has allowed all to surpass their wildest dreams and each day brings with it new contentment at a new set of achievements. This is due to the way in which technological advances have a tendency to snowball, with one technological advances paving the way for others to be made more rapidly. Each as equally fulfilling as the next. Cockerels now have an equal standing in the society, as in the dark days their fate was determined simply by their sex.
The crow of the cockerels in the morning is now simply an alarm clock for the fox which once in the dark times considered it to be a dinner bell. The chickens love to bath in the dust on a summers day. an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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