Through the clear night sky,
I spoke my mind,
clean space,
clean air,
sitting still,
drinking tea,
it’s kind that you listen,
let’s watch the branches wave in the wind,
let’s listen to each other,
contentment stares back to me,
the sea waves splash my feet,
I walk slowly in,
floating on my back,
warm sun gently soothes,


Please refrain from asking me,
about the deep, dark and dangerous sea,
it shaped them all,
into the carnivorous, paranoid villains that you see,
please refrain from asking me,
what was so dangerous about the sea,

oil painting called turbulent sea


Lifted up across the sea,
placed down carefully,
fertile ground,
growing without a sound,
strong and firm, reaching out,
across the sea, touching,
plant the seeds of destiny,


Forest Oil Painting

Ferocious sea

Across the rough, wild and ferocious sea,
there she stood waiting for me,
the saving grace,
a happy face,
a sad man,
now content with a plan,
with feet now on the land, she took his hand, an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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