The engineer built the tools he drew,

the doctor treated the pain, the actor was able to explain,

She modelled it on me and I was inspired by you,

you can deny it,

but isolation may not be for you,

mutual accommodation,

how we get along,

tolerance does not mean silence,

silence does not mean ignorance,

Science and art

Rude and abrupt,
rough gold,
new story told,
brutal lessons,
science chasing art,
he drags her by the hair,
she spits in his face,
they sweat together,
watching like eagles,
loyal as swans,
strong as an ox,
fighting their way out,
loss and elation,
desperate situation,
Queen and King,
his whores, her muses,
dynamite diffuses,
infinite circle,
an explanation,
next generation,
body position, movement and eye contact,
surviving, thriving,
bad mouthed,
cheap taunts,
ridiculed and humiliated,
chapters of the same book,
this is what it took,
taste of disgrace,
passionate affection,
baked under the same sun,
washed by the same rain,
held together by the same pain,
strong refusal of surrender,
acceptance of defeat,
swift retreat,
escape from slavery,
freedom to fall,
wit to rise,
longing another sunrise,

Fred the Frog and his blog.

Fred is a frog who likes to blog, Fred had been keeping his blog ever since the beginning of the animal-computer revolution. He likes to post around four times a day. His blog is one of the most remarkable chronologies of Global Progress that the world has to offer. He has consistently documented for the past four year any major steps forward in the global community. There has as you can imagine been some great steps forward and some remarkable progress made. He also runs a corner shop specializing is the new foods that has been made since the laboratory meat revolution. He loves to dance every Friday he heads to local dance complex and shows the world how it done. Fred the frog and his legendary blog. He features weekly remarkable stories of inventions and advancements in science, technology and health care. He has a busy schedule as he is frequently invited to talk about the implications of his blog in stimulating progress worldwide. The blog ever since its early days has always made the effort to be inclusive of every species possible. This is part of the reason it has such a phenomenal readership base. He occasionally holds music events in his favorite pond where everyone has their own lily pad on which to dance. an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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