to share is to care, to learn is to earn, to rhyme is to discover, a little more from one another,

sadness and madness

a sadness, can lead to madness, struggle and strife, can take or make a life,


spare a thort, for those who taught, what may seem, just a dream, that all the nations, can develop relations,

dove of peace

cherish the dove of peace, for it grieves, for those who have died, in pain, so that it may fly again,

story untold

The coffee that has gone cold, The story left untold, Blood and screams, And scattered dreams,


The druid said, Time for bed, Forget that which in your head, Rise up early, With your hair all curly,

ancient relationships

Where the ocean meets the shore, An ancient relationship, That navigates our land, Like the lines in the hand, Lay pebbles in the sand,

dark lane

Talking as you walk, Down the dark lane, From where you came, The talking breaks the silence, That can divide us,

our song

it is what has kept us here all along, a will to survive and sing our song,


the cornerstone, of what we learn, must be from the past, and taught to last, an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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