Reading my poem, A Loving Ramble


Soft and unprepared,

I am tired and I am scared,

I want to press pause,

to insert a sanity clause,

I am truly yours,

all cruel and wicked tongue,

though it is with you I belong,

the sharp moments of gravity,

provide the clarity for me to see,


Like a painter,

you shocked my senses,

vivid sharp colours,

shine in the bleak sky,

weightless immersion,

floating in warm waters,

the comfort of your approval,

 solid wooden antiquities,

the character of time.

Reading my poem Vicious

Wild Wind

As the wild wind blows across my being,

the lies, the cries and all the foreseeing,

my consciousness is left behind,

I am now elements,

I feel the rain on my face,

as I walk through this rugged beautiful place,

the warmth, the reminders,

the receptive eccentric,

that loves to dance,









She ran through his veins, like a mighty raging torrent,

Manners, mannerisms all abhorrent,

She struck, she decided,

He and his worlds all collided,

Like the clean, cool air after a storm,

Through her depictions he was reborn,

She tore at his timid beast,

Until actions, like a bird released,

All settled and withered away,

Waiting for another perfect time of day,

For her to reach out and have her say,

History and her lessons,

Help us decide the way,

Youthful Delusions

I retreated

Backed away

Closed the shop

Shut up for the day

This time I had nothing to say


Where once youth bubbled

Stone cold expressions

Vacant, abstract conclusions

The heartache of youthful delusions


The moment as deep as you can perceive,

time stands more than still,

beautiful as the cool night,

gentle summer Sun,

deep delicate colours,

rugged and wild,

natural delight,

Forever ready

As the sun rose,

she was ready, waiting,

watching, walking, waiting,

ready before the dawn,

ready to serve,

they followed her drum,

that is why they had come,

drawn together forever,

nature and her might,

always she was ready,

a force we do not see,

life’s delicate balance,


continuing, aware, she understands,









The world and my weaknesses,

Crush me,

Gravity out of control,


Predators, a dark tank of sharks,

Joyous moments and happy smiles,

Clean fresh water, life,

Sugar, carbonated coke lifts my spirits,

we all come to pass,

A couple of casual comments summarise,

Over there they lie,

Another takes their turn,

Hopefully it is possible to learn,

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