Pressure applied,

stress evoked,

fresh air,

turning to smoke,

backs turned to suffering and pain,

leaders chosen,

destiny delegated,

care relegated,

keep together, hold the line,

let them through and slaughter a few,

now I sit and listen,

the dinosaur dawn chorus,

I fear you, I have to respect you,

not because I want to,

but because I do not want to die,

not now, not ever,

I ask them who was the first?

the first what? they say,

the first to kill to eat?

you know the past-time so many repeat,

they replied with a pause,

a shake of the beak,

they said, even the herbivores have to compete,

your ambition, your approach,

you have shaped for some time,

man made measures of infinity,













The engineer built the tools he drew,

the doctor treated the pain, the actor was able to explain,

She modelled it on me and I was inspired by you,

you can deny it,

but isolation may not be for you,

mutual accommodation,

how we get along,

tolerance does not mean silence,

silence does not mean ignorance,




I mix my oil paints and pour them upon the canvas,

warm Spring mornings,

I texture the paint so you may feel the story with your hands,

Summer afternoons,

the shapes are driven by my imagination and mood,

the dashing colours of Autumn,

the image appears like unsuspecting rhymes in a new poem,

the bleak tranquillity of Winter, 

a mixture of virtues,







A part



You do not stand alone,

I am with you, solidarity,

no number could quantify the bond between you and me,

stand up, walk-on, dance, be free,

you always help,

you always remind me,

you always carry me,

you always help me,

time  and oceans between us but we are not apart,

you are firmly fixed  in my heart.

motion, art and all creations,

I don’t take a single direction,

action,  decision,

without consulting you,

you may not be here but that is true.

I can’t demonstrate and I can’t articulate, your precious value,

you are loved by me and will be for eternity,

I, my and me

I, my and me and a futile obsession with immortality,


She moulded his broken and beaten soul into fine form with her firm gold hands,

Now he stands by her side sturdy as a boulder facing out to sea,


Today I will take time to wipe the sadness from my eyes.

Today I would like to breath again,

Let my corpse regrow it’s flesh to a healthy degree,

I will wash myself in the healing salt of the sea,

I will climb the mountain I have learn’t to love,

and wave peacefully at the friendly dove,

These moments, warm, cosy, cool and delightful moments,

I will own everything today, every piece of earth I walk on I will respect,

I will not overlook the smallest of detail,

I will tread carefully through this precious land,

I will meet hatred with force and crush it with love, sharp answers and intelligent suggestions,

We are not alone, our elements dance together.


I’m not here to beg you not to set sail,

I just wish I could follow you like a blue whale,

I wish you a peaceful voyage,

I hope the land is pleasant,

The water clear and the grass green,

I hope the people are sincere,

I hope you have no reason to fear,

I look forward to your stories……though to imagine is not to share,

I will be there by your side, along for the ride, drifting with the tide,

Where shall I go, what do I know,

I don’t think I could ever be anywhere else,

I wouldn’t want to be, this is my own, these are my roots,

my foundations, this is my situation,

I pray my prayer for everyone and everything,

The loss of a friend, a veteran, a companion, sadness, the best for you is all I wish,

soon one day all one day we will meet I will be complete,

see you soon,

Emotion pictures

I’m sorry but I forgot, how we parted or where we left off,

You grew old and I grew angry and sad,

The clouds float silently through the sky,

Moving without motion,

Emotion….I could see through their wickedness, straight through their folly,

Like moss on a roof,
clinging to truth,

We are the ones who dream,
In clean air,
Pulling small pieces of beach sand carefully from our hair,

We are the ones who feel,

We are the ones who believe in our elements,

We believe the choice,

We are the ones with wings, the birds Who sing,

The one’s who eat peacefully,

We are the ones who know your language,
We are the ones that will keep you sane,

I will stand on that mountain and I’ll speak to the crowd,
I’ll sit in silence and listen,

I’ll be dragged from my horse in an ancient skirmish,

We like your ideas, we share your fears,

The air was fresh and the wind was mild, it reminded me of when I was a child.
I’m walking with you through your favourite grass field, holding your smallest finger struggling to keep pace, happy, everyday we are busy, everyday we are angry, everyday we laugh, everyday we create arguments just to fight, in the end agreeing each other is right.

There are others but they are black as night.

Teach me and tell me i’m right.

The price we pay

Just give me your last gold coin. Just your soul, with full paypal control. Give me your time, a view of page, I’ll watch while you age. Rich content with a sprinkling of discontent. A video, a link, don’t over think. That is when you may start to sink.

Just neglect yourself and sacrifice your health, all that matters now is whatever currency you calculate your wealth. Maybe it’s one, maybe it two, maybe your fortunate with rather a few, a couple of bits. Don’t stop there, fly over here. Let me fuel the jet while you try to forget. I never could of dreamed that you would stop by. Counting the mere mortal minutes until you are deceased. No way to live for a civilised world. There’s conflicts, there’s crime but ultimately we all short of time.

That is why I have chosen to write in rhyme, you see for me it saves time. It is fastest, most effective way, to brighten my day. The words flow, as you should well now know. I sit here seconds pass, another sentence at long last. A cold blast.

Please feel free to dispute and take your chosen route. I’ll make something, a flask for the journey, and sandwich perhaps, to give you sustenance for your thoughts as they stray, as you leave me behind on your way.

There is this moment, break it down, split it up, divide it, second by second. As you age, it may one day be your last page. It may be all our last page if the world becomes consumed with rage. Let us hope we never get to this stage. Perhaps just fast forward, skip, that coming of age. You, play something, you dance, you do both, you paint it all. everything, don’t miss one vibrant fabric of colour or one pleasant whisper of a thought. Record it, send me the data, I try to produce you an info-graphic that you may not as easily forget.

The validity of the basis of life which we all rely.

For now good luck and good bye.

Give it your everything, your very best try,

Do not die, I will try auto-draft you to the most finite infinite of time.

You bastards, try to behave appropriately.