Her message

She paid the whole world to stop at once and listen,

to her song,

now my thoughts are with you,

kindly carry on,

people thought her crazy,

many dismissed her as mad,

that was her message,

and now she is not sad,

all together we are rather glad,

actually it was not too bad,





An education

We danced and drank our money,

excess we found funny,



brash, crude, lewd and rude,

wasting all that came our way,

fat, filthy and broken,

smashed and trashed,

squandered and spent,

hopes of faithful, caring parents,




Rough hands, careful plans

With strong rough hands,

we nurtured and raised,

careful plans,

growing old,

hearts becoming cold,

moments of rare warmth,

engraved in the lines on our faces,

my time belongs with you,







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