Creation elation

Grafting together in the silence of a golden night,

a painting of true delight,

dashes of colour,

textured depth,

brush strokes pulling through the paint,



selfless patience,

pursuit of mutual perfection,

passionate loving affection,

a vibrant image,

an everlasting contribution to evolution,

creation elation,


I mix my oil paints and pour them upon the canvas,
warm Spring mornings,

I texture the paint so you may feel the story with your hands,
Summer afternoons,

the shapes are driven by my imagination and mood,
the dashing colours of Autumn,

the image appears like unsuspecting rhymes in a new poem,
the bleak tranquillity of Winter,
a mixture of virtues,

Patterns and paint

Draw and paint,

express yourself with art,

don’t put it off,

make a start,

mix some colour,

draw a shape,

put down on paper,

let your mind escape,

write a song,

it may help you carry on,

blank paper a bless,

in context that can feel a mess,

let your tears mix with colour,

what have you to say,

that is in your DNA,

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