Wild Wind

As the wild wind blows across my being,

the lies, the cries and all the foreseeing,

my consciousness is left behind,

I am now elements,

I feel the rain on my face,

as I walk through this rugged beautiful place,

the warmth, the reminders,

the receptive eccentric,

that loves to dance,









The moment as deep as you can perceive,

time stands more than still,

beautiful as the cool night,

gentle summer Sun,

deep delicate colours,

rugged and wild,

natural delight,


You knew this time would come,

the world is round,

there is no place to run,

you don’t know hunger,

until your starving,

How do you sleep?

How do you sleep…. when you know I gotta eat?

Flag of nature

The flag of nature,

tree colours merging in a blue sky,

clouds floating peacefully by,

bird song breaks the silence,

insects crawl on my phone,

never for a second completely alone,

I try to capture,

to never forget,

a remedy for worry and regret,

I am pleased that we met,

what is your name,

I would like to know,

before you fly away,


here I wish to stay,

one day to the next,

happily perplexed,

in the arms of trees,

the shadow of your branches,




Looking for mercy from the thirsty,
as crazy as the lazy,

nature shows what only God knows,

Hens, watermelon


Peace is like a fast

Eat, kill, repeat, 
the ever unwavering beat, 
the pitter patter of tiny feet, 
God just pressed delete, 
the language never grasped,
 of nature’s bitter clasp, 
on all that was designed to last, 
survival is never past, 
perhaps some peace in fast,
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