The Wind and the Sun

The answers were never clear,

deeply submerged by fear,

solidarity my only retreat,

please let me know where we can meet,

streams warmed by the sun wash my feet,

the babbling sounds capture my heart,

my love for you and your art,

gives me a daily fresh start,

we climb the mountain,

on a clear summers day,

I feel your warmth as the wind whistles,

we climb down and stop to bath in a mountain stream,

blessings and wishes, I will always be holding your hand,

running to catch up as we walk your land,

Snow in the Lake District

On a misty mountain top,

eternal time together,

every moment precious,

You are with me and I am with you,


beautiful changing scenery,

vivid striking landscapes,

too many choices,

instant selections,


conflicting but kind,

slowly conversing, concisely in her mind,

snow covered Lake District mountains,

a Pig’s head appears,

bacon and fears,



out to the ocean,

a potion,

a cocktail,

relief from the pain,

engineered for comfort and safety,

because I love you,

Thin soles – leather boots

Tan leather boots,
 soles worn thin,
though still a smile and a tough grin, 
never before could he of imagined what was in-store, 
days and days, walking from place to place, 
sometimes catching the train,
 merely to be told to get off again,
walking again, through places of wonder,
mountains and thunder, 
castles carved in the rock
and rivers that flow round the clock,



Brutal Beginnings

Little was remaining of the once brutal world that existed, a world where difference was met with intolerance, where the drive for quick cheap food brought misery to the world. A world where no time was given to the fine details that make up our universe. Where some of the finest were merely trampled in the stampede to the top of a cliff where no one had anywhere to go but fall off.
For millions of years previous to these comparatively golden times had existed a world where survival almost certainly involved a fight, a fight for space, a fight for food, a fight for money. It is hard to imagine these horrors now and not many care to, though they are far from forgotten as information of the dark years keeps everyone passionate about making improvements everyday to the world around them.

Communication has allowed for a world where none are forgotten and all are treasured. Money had disappeared to be looked at in museums as its value diminished as it was found that through technological advancements people no longer needed to exchange it. The only similarity between these two worlds, is the weather and seasons remain as do the oceans and the mountains, little else is recognisable. The devil was in the detail but not as first imagined by the carnivorous early inhabitants of the world. an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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