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Fred is a frog who likes to blog, Fred had been keeping his blog ever since the beginning of the animal-computer revolution. He likes to post around four times a day. His blog is one of the most remarkable chronologies of Global Progress that the world has to offer. He has consistently documented for the past four year any major steps forward in the global community. There has as you can imagine been some great steps forward and some remarkable progress made. He also runs a corner shop specializing is the new foods that has been made since the laboratory meat revolution. He loves to dance every Friday he heads to local dance complex and shows the world how it done. Fred the frog and his legendary blog. He features weekly remarkable stories of inventions and advancements in science, technology and health care. He has a busy schedule as he is frequently invited to talk about the implications of his blog in stimulating progress worldwide. The blog ever since its early days has always made the effort to be inclusive of every species possible. This is part of the reason it has such a phenomenal readership base. He occasionally holds music events in his favorite pond where everyone has their own lily pad on which to dance.


Eyp Leumas: intro

Eyp Leumas.
The year is 2086 and the war within nature has ended. We all now tread very carefully and the world is a vastly richer place. This breakthrough was thanks to two main areas of discovery. The first was the development of synthetic meat, this was thanks to a British Doctor. This put the building blocks in place for a much more collaborative existence. The second was a breakthrough in communication between all species using specialist software in use now by every man, woman, child animal, bird, fish and insect. This development was brought to the forefront by two brothers, Egyptian doctors.
Witnessing these breakthroughs being brought into mainstream society has been one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. It is simply remarkable to find yourself able to talk to any species you wish. It has also led to some of the most ground-breaking scientific developments I have ever witnessed. Cancer is now history, as is hunger, poverty and space exploration is now a significantly joint affair. No-one could have imagined the intelligence that are neighbours and fellow inhabitants of the earth could have brought to the table. We all now only shake our heads in shame at the previous dark existences that we all led.
A greater number of people enjoy gently strolling from place to place and
it is illegal to turn a communication software device off as it could potentially cause death or injury. This is taken with great appreciation by the majority of people though who are always in awe of the amazing conversations that can be had between God’s species.
Species safety is a greatly important aspect to society now, with constant innovations and technological improvements being made to keep everyone safe. It is the staggering level of comradery that has made this world such a richer place since the dark days.
The immense intelligence improvements and brain power when all species are communicating and working together is staggering. Another blessing has been the lack of grudges being held between species of previous conflict. The sincerity in believe for change for the better has cemented the focus of all to improve the world that surrounds us.
Politics is now mainly a thing of the past as all that is voted on it done electronically with input from all the species. There just exists one democratically elected global council made up of around 9 million candidates, one leader from every species, this council has the power to veto decisions if it feels they are being made with too much haste until more time has been allowed for discussion of the notions concerned.
Healthcare has seen dramatic improvements, with the development of a global health system supported and contributed too by the global community of species. This is the phrase I would generally use to refer to our planet, “the global community of species” of which I am pleased to be a part of. Depression has also vanished of the face of the earth since inter-species communication took off. This has also had the effect of dramatically increased productivity as the effect that human depression was having on the world was largely under-cited until inter-species communication developed and depression vanished. It is frankly no wonder that the humans alone had such difficulty keeping the economy strong and healthy, with such drastic levels of depression running through society. an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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