Our work

Our Work

She carries around my heart,
I try to express with art,
what causes me to continue to start,
holding hands and making plans,
as life smashes us on the rocks,
the courage to rebuild,
great disparity,
yielding solidarity,
we show each other our work,
ideas, pain and hurt,


sat in the clouds

I sit in the clouds,
precious memories fall,
filled with love,
I smile from high above,
I see your frustration,
I share your elation,
I pray for the outcome of your every situation,
strong shoulders carry your heart of gold,
when the world falls silent,
we drift together,
through the tranquil sky,
you alone the reason why,
thank-you my love,

Flag of nature

Flag of nature

The flag of nature,

tree colours merging in a blue sky,

clouds floating peacefully by,

bird song breaks the silence,

insects crawl on my phone,

never for a second completely alone,

I try to capture,

to never forget,

a remedy for worry and regret,

I am pleased that we met,

what is your name,

I would like to know,

before you fly away,


here I wish to stay,

one day to the next,

happily perplexed,

in the arms of trees,

the shadow of your branches,



Maldivian dream


We dig our hands into soft warm sand,
floating on our backs in the sea, 
kissing your salty skin,
our journey we begin,
you feed me energy,
I long to live,
a long, relaxing, pleasant day,
thank-you, I hope you enjoyed your stay,
remember this place,
and how you feel,
have the strength to swim upstream,
and live together your Maldivian dream,



the future,
shifting elements,
spirits changing form,
perspective is born,
the old work to repair,
the garden trampled by youth,
both need each other to recover,

Delicate moments

A shadow, a reflection,
instant selection,
sun warming, a gentle glow,
walking along the sea front,
waves greet us,
swept away by scents and kisses,
hands interlocked,
her hair blows across my face,
holding each other in a firm embrace,
delicate moments,


English season

English season,
warm spring breeze,
trees filling with shades of green,
the air is fresh and clean,
cattle are chewing their cud,
the swallows are here,
diving through the sky,
the only ones who sense the urgency of this moment,
everyone else relaxing and enjoying the wonder,
sadness is on hold, gratitude and thanks to the old,
the young listen to every story told,
each with their favourite,
messages shaped by both tellers and receivers,
hope for every believer,
if I had not known the dark, wet Winter mornings,
I may never of grasped beauty shaped by the past,


A cure for the immature



Waves crash,
wind trusts,
spirits blown away like dust,
broken, defeated, no one to trust,
gentle touch,
solid hold,
bitter cold,
ocean swell,
never dwell,
why did I put you through such hell,
under a spell,
chemical charm,
for the immature there is no cure,
time will watch you grow,
watching your colours slowly show,


blessed soul,
you cannot go,
in memories you cannot be gone,
you must live,
you must hold on,
your presence in my heart is strong,
don’t separate us,
don’t let us part,
I was praying this was just the start,
we need your spirit,
we need your soul,
to keep us all complete and whole,

Soft shore


As the waves roll on the shore,
I gently remember, gently forget,
salt in the air, salt in my hair,
sand between my toes,
a gentle breeze blows,
the sun gently warming,
a peace of mind reforming,
the freshness of the sea,
the tide creeps in to meet me,
a welcome arrival,
work and survival,
fun by the sea,
in your loving company,
you teach care in every decision,
my heart beat,
my precision,
your vision,
the lapping of waves,
the souls you save,
the moments you give,
a life to live,
the ebb and flow,
as you come and go,
sanctity, the one for me,