Lily the Lion Cub

Lily the lion cub is the first daughter of Thomas and Barbara, she is fortunate to be in a golden time, a time when all are now connected in harmony. A time when there is no hunger, a time when the imagination can create almost anything it wishes. Lily enjoys using her imagination to come up with new ways to solve any ailments that others may be suffering from. She has already helped towards a dozen if not more exciting breakthroughs in healthcare. Connected to the internet she can communicate her ideas with anyone she wishes to connect with. Playful with wit, there is few that can touch her problem solving capabilities, She lives for Spring, when the world becomes alive in parts of the world which are more seasonal than others. She likes to travel, though travel is something of a different experience now than in the dark years, now there are designated aerial highways that are a vacuum that one can travel very quickly without the fear of hurting another species. She is certainly one that keeps dreams alive. As well inspiring and giving others the confidence to follow their own dreams. She keeps her parents feeling young through and is constantly challenging them for answers to questions that only the elders may have an answer.


Fred the Frog and his blog.

Fred is a frog who likes to blog, Fred had been keeping his blog ever since the beginning of the animal-computer revolution. He likes to post around four times a day. His blog is one of the most remarkable chronologies of Global Progress that the world has to offer. He has consistently documented for the past four year any major steps forward in the global community. There has as you can imagine been some great steps forward and some remarkable progress made. He also runs a corner shop specializing is the new foods that has been made since the laboratory meat revolution. He loves to dance every Friday he heads to local dance complex and shows the world how it done. Fred the frog and his legendary blog. He features weekly remarkable stories of inventions and advancements in science, technology and health care. He has a busy schedule as he is frequently invited to talk about the implications of his blog in stimulating progress worldwide. The blog ever since its early days has always made the effort to be inclusive of every species possible. This is part of the reason it has such a phenomenal readership base. He occasionally holds music events in his favorite pond where everyone has their own lily pad on which to dance.


Little Red Fox

Little Red Fox was such a mischievous creature, he is both nocturnal and a day walker, a great listener and quick witted, a treasured friend of all those he encounters. Once hunted on horse back by man and dogs now resided in peace. No fear of the horn that once sent shivers down the spine of him and his family. The little red fox was a patron of peace. Forever the diplomat which a wide range of connections spanning the globe, there is never a dull moment in the company of the fox. His ears moved consistently back and forward as he listens to the woes and celebrations of his many friends. One of little red fox’s closest friend was a squirrel as both choose to reside in the woods, they were neighbours as well as confidants in each other. The squirrel enjoyed riding on the back of the fox from time to time. Some would tease them for their matching red coats. They are true companions.

Kind Bears – Necessities

Dancing Bears used to be a symbol of cruelty in the dark times before the light. 
Before the time of laboratory grown meat and animal- computer interaction.
Now a dancing bear is something to be rejoiced as they are majestic creatures as all are, The bears are now able to dance alongside humans and any other creatures, although carefully as not to harm another creatures with there size. This is less of an issue now though as computer technology has advanced to the stage where all creatures are aware of each others required space and do not have to worry to much about infringing on it. The bears like to clap along to many a song and drum beat, they have been very keen to record music of their own genre and it is so far a great success with all the creatures, Bare necessities is a song which is a constant reminder to the populations of creatures to ensure they safeguard what it is that provides peace. A constantly evolving selection of laboratory grown meat along with computer technology.
“The best way of being kind to bears is not to be very close to them.” 
― Margaret AtwoodMaddAddam
This quotation is now history and bears now cherish company, as they did not always wish to choose solitude although they still value their own space and peace and quiet, Bears now enjoy the kindness that flows around the planet. 

A lamb in wolfs clothing – liberty.

The saying used to go a wolf in sheep’s clothing, however now could not be any-more different, the wolf is well feed on laboratory grown meat which does no harm, the wolf spends its time trying to constantly justify itself to the lambs, there is little need however as the lambs are as forgiving as the rest of the creatures have been to each other fortunately. 
“The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly, the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of liberty”

Abraham Lincoln
The wolves and the lambs are now free to contemplate this quote by Abraham Lincoln, free from the hunger that once divided them with fear.

The Wise Old Owl

Grace and beauty came naturally to the wise old owl, This once formidable predator was now the guardian of the night skies. She had one of the finest records for safety among all the species. Protecting with all the due diligence and capacity she has. Her role, which she was highly dedicated to was that of night time safety, helping any creature in need of companionship in the evening hours, those for example who weren’t so adapted to the night time lighting such as humans, cows and horses. There was never a dull moment with the owl, though she famously treasured golden silence as well, as this was when her senses could work to the maximum of their capability. During the daylight she enjoyed to life coach other creatures using the Skype application on her mobile telephone, she encouraged all she met in the direction they were most passionate about, she had a way of routing the passion from within others. She also was terribly against loneliness, she liked to surprise individuals that she cared for with early morning telephone calls and had mastered creating a feeling of solidarity between once quarreling parties.

Chapter: Chickens and Politics

The quiet squawking of the chickens was like a lullaby to rest of the animals. The chat was mainly politics with the chickens, politics of who could eat what, who would perch where, constant discussion with each other.
The chickens were early adopters of any form of technology, especially that of a social nature. They love to talk, there is a now a clear view amongst the chickens that the old, the ill and the young must be cared for. No one really cares to consider the darkness that we once lived in. Worms now go about their business not concerned by what was once a terrifying ordeal to survive alongside chickens. The chickens likewise have come to interact with humans without bearing grudge or desperation at what is now referred to what are now referred to as the dark days.
The technological revolution has allowed all to surpass their wildest dreams and each day brings with it new contentment at a new set of achievements. This is due to the way in which technological advances have a tendency to snowball, with one technological advances paving the way for others to be made more rapidly. Each as equally fulfilling as the next. Cockerels now have an equal standing in the society, as in the dark days their fate was determined simply by their sex.
The crow of the cockerels in the morning is now simply an alarm clock for the fox which once in the dark times considered it to be a dinner bell. The chickens love to bath in the dust on a summers day.

Chapter: The mouse that lived in a house with a horse.

They became inseparable, the horse and the mouse, a companionship that began when the mouse would finish pieces of food too small for the horse to eat. Over this meal they would discuss worldly affairs, without too much caution. They would laugh the night away, when daylight came each would go on their own way. The horse to the field, the mouse to its house. Never a cross word was spoken between the pair. Sometimes a winters cold crisp night, sometimes a summers warm evening. They both liked to sing and dance, though tried to leave nothing regarding safety to chance.
The horse by morning was always impatient to leave the stable. The mouse to return to its kitchen table. The horse would neigh and shout at the humans passing by as so not to be forgotten. The horse would march along the cobbled yard, on autopilot, quite capable of guiding himself round the building and straight to the field. Of which it was usually a choice of two, depending on weather condition and grass which one he would go to. As he approached the field eagerly excited, as soon as he was released he would gallop at full speed round the field, updated all with his presence, he also enjoyed to roll as he was white unlike the mouse who was dark grey, and survival had taught his to roll and cover himself in the colour of the earth.
The only way the humans could persuade the horse to leave the field and return to the stable in the evening was by providing the delicious food on his return which would later be shared with the mouse, just the right amount of food, not enough to make him fat just enough to sustain a healthy spirit, the rest of his food consisted of hay which the mouse enjoyed taking to its house to make a bed with.

Eyp Leumas: intro

Eyp Leumas.
The year is 2086 and the war within nature has ended. We all now tread very carefully and the world is a vastly richer place. This breakthrough was thanks to two main areas of discovery. The first was the development of synthetic meat, this was thanks to a British Doctor. This put the building blocks in place for a much more collaborative existence. The second was a breakthrough in communication between all species using specialist software in use now by every man, woman, child animal, bird, fish and insect. This development was brought to the forefront by two brothers, Egyptian doctors.
Witnessing these breakthroughs being brought into mainstream society has been one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. It is simply remarkable to find yourself able to talk to any species you wish. It has also led to some of the most ground-breaking scientific developments I have ever witnessed. Cancer is now history, as is hunger, poverty and space exploration is now a significantly joint affair. No-one could have imagined the intelligence that are neighbours and fellow inhabitants of the earth could have brought to the table. We all now only shake our heads in shame at the previous dark existences that we all led.
A greater number of people enjoy gently strolling from place to place and
it is illegal to turn a communication software device off as it could potentially cause death or injury. This is taken with great appreciation by the majority of people though who are always in awe of the amazing conversations that can be had between God’s species.
Species safety is a greatly important aspect to society now, with constant innovations and technological improvements being made to keep everyone safe. It is the staggering level of comradery that has made this world such a richer place since the dark days.
The immense intelligence improvements and brain power when all species are communicating and working together is staggering. Another blessing has been the lack of grudges being held between species of previous conflict. The sincerity in believe for change for the better has cemented the focus of all to improve the world that surrounds us.
Politics is now mainly a thing of the past as all that is voted on it done electronically with input from all the species. There just exists one democratically elected global council made up of around 9 million candidates, one leader from every species, this council has the power to veto decisions if it feels they are being made with too much haste until more time has been allowed for discussion of the notions concerned.
Healthcare has seen dramatic improvements, with the development of a global health system supported and contributed too by the global community of species. This is the phrase I would generally use to refer to our planet, “the global community of species” of which I am pleased to be a part of. Depression has also vanished of the face of the earth since inter-species communication took off. This has also had the effect of dramatically increased productivity as the effect that human depression was having on the world was largely under-cited until inter-species communication developed and depression vanished. It is frankly no wonder that the humans alone had such difficulty keeping the economy strong and healthy, with such drastic levels of depression running through society.

A look, a glance

A look, 
a glance,
can give a chance,
for love to grow,
and blessings to show,
hold tight,
to me all night,
for time stands,
and is in our hands,
that look,
that glance,
which gave a chance,
for us my dear,
to share the years,
together we face,
all that may place,
us in the history,
of the human race,
a look, 
a glance,
may be created by chance,
but chance itself,
is what we are dealt,
so it up to us,
to keep precious,
the moments we share,
let us treat with care,
blessed we stand,
hand in hand, an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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