distant voices

excited by distant voices and unspoilt choices, shouting in reply, waiting to see who will pass by,


Guiding the herd,
 with unspoken word,
the slowly ageing buffalo,
 led all carefully through the snow,
to spring grass,

 plenty at last,



what was said, embedded in my head, holding on strong, to precious moments long gone, one day, meeting again, unheard word,

Indian land

wild people scream, democracy the dream, a Chinese hand in an Indian land,

The sailor

A sailor pardoned by the sea,

from what might be,

an untimely destiny,

a small thank-you prayer,

now he lives with a little more care,

Wandering man

A wandering man,
 carried a can,
any spare change,
 people thought it was strange,
what began with a can,
was the making of the man,

wise man’s eyes

he looked across at the wise man’s eyes, not expecting a look of surprise, however clever, the wise man struggled to keep it together,

mystery of history

The mystery of history, Lessons of time, align, the balance is forever fine,

tide of the sea

I see her walking to me, like the tide of the sea,

miserable thing

he tries to smile, as he waits a while, for the phone to ring, what a miserable thing,

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