Like a painter,

you shocked my senses,

vivid sharp colours,

shine in the bleak sky,

weightless immersion,

floating in warm waters,

the comfort of your approval,

 solid wooden antiquities,

the character of time.


We took turns to be misunderstood,

words turned to glass,

as winter took it’s last,

cold victory,

satisfying Spring,

painted and bathed,

a festival of love,

falling summer rain,

shattered blue sky,

little yellow strikes of burning light,

the sun shone through us,

we ignited,

kinetically delighted,

dark but fair,

deep and blue,

could what your saying,

possible be true,

I don’t like to stop to wander,

nor shall I let us stand here while I ponder,

every single second of every interaction,

chasing laws of maths,

she smiles when he laughs,




Silk Sky

I ride by my ancestors side,

Gliding through silk sky’s,

Paidom of Speech

Free! free! Freedom of speech,

have you forgot my sacrifice?!

I gave my life,

i’m still here, dead, in the dirt, beneath your feet,


keep your mouth shut then,

I’m trying to think,



Blonde hair, black heart,

German daughters,

bleeding Russian red,

a costly defeat,

entirely complete,

welcome to Berlin,

lets begin,



no, no, longer,

free work,

two words,

not often placed together in that order,

build another border,

he who has not sinned, cast the first stone,

parents sent their children to throw the stones,

a game of smash the plates,

do the righteous and the worthy both taste the same?




Frosty Starz

My stars have aligned, I will disappear,

no love, no worry, no heartache or fear,

I will take your photograph every day, print it and send it on its way,

so as I wander lost, I will meet you and share a smile,

everyday you brighten,

speaking through rambling thunder,

lightening cracks in the sky,

starting another beautiful day together,

rain falls, we begin to march again,

we stand in solidarity,

with everyone and who they tried to be,


evil, wicked,

narrow-minded, short-sighted,

heartless, selfish shits,

love enveloped them,

we fight to forgive,

as the paranoia disposes of every pleasant feeling,

lonely and miserable,

I mutter,

a testament to lack of trust,

what do you know?

I am happy,

perhaps I was born to hate,

you my white friend, are in the wrong state,

Snow in the Lake District

On a misty mountain top,

eternal time together,

every moment precious,

You are with me and I am with you,


beautiful changing scenery,

vivid striking landscapes,

too many choices,

instant selections,


conflicting but kind,

slowly conversing, concisely in her mind,

snow covered Lake District mountains,

a Pig’s head appears,

bacon and fears,



out to the ocean,

a potion,

a cocktail,

relief from the pain,

engineered for comfort and safety,

because I love you,


Pressure applied,

stress evoked,

fresh air,

turning to smoke,

backs turned to suffering and pain,

leaders chosen,

destiny delegated,

care relegated,

keep together, hold the line,

let them through and slaughter a few,

now I sit and listen,

the dinosaur dawn chorus,

I fear you, I have to respect you,

not because I want to,

but because I do not want to die,

not now, not ever,

I ask them who was the first?

the first what? they say,

the first to kill to eat?

you know the past-time so many repeat,

they replied with a pause,

a shake of the beak,

they said, even the herbivores have to compete,

your ambition, your approach,

you have shaped for some time,

man made measures of infinity,












A part

You do not stand alone,

I am with you, solidarity,
no number could quantify the bond between you and me,
stand up, walk-on, dance, be free,
you always help,
you always remind me,
you always carry me,
you always help me,
time and oceans between us but we are not apart,
you are firmly fixed in my heart.
motion, art and all creations,
I don’t take a single direction,
action, decision,
without consulting you,
you may not be here but that is true.
I can’t demonstrate and I can’t articulate, your precious value,
you are loved by me and will be for eternity,

Tranquillity in the early hours.

Content smiling spirits passed through the night sky,

lifting the dark curtain allowing a red glow to sweep over the earth,

air began to stir, warm mixing with cold,

the landscape revealed itself.

the dark earth began to warm.

tentative tranquillity in the early hours. an Integrated Learning Ltd Website
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