She ran through his veins, like a mighty raging torrent,

Manners, mannerisms all abhorrent,

She struck, she decided,

He and his worlds all collided,

Like the clean, cool air after a storm,

Through her depictions he was reborn,

She tore at his timid beast,

Until actions, like a bird released,

All settled and withered away,

Waiting for another perfect time of day,

For her to reach out and have her say,

History and her lessons,

Help us decide the way,

Youthful Delusions

I retreated

Backed away

Closed the shop

Shut up for the day

This time I had nothing to say


Where once youth bubbled

Stone cold expressions

Vacant, abstract conclusions

The heartache of youthful delusions


The moment as deep as you can perceive,

time stands more than still,

beautiful as the cool night,

gentle summer Sun,

deep delicate colours,

rugged and wild,

natural delight,

Forever ready

As the sun rose,

she was ready, waiting,

watching, walking, waiting,

ready before the dawn,

ready to serve,

they followed her drum,

that is why they had come,

drawn together forever,

nature and her might,

always she was ready,

a force we do not see,

life’s delicate balance,


continuing, aware, she understands,









The world and my weaknesses,

Crush me,

Gravity out of control,


Predators, a dark tank of sharks,

Joyous moments and happy smiles,

Clean fresh water, life,

Sugar, carbonated coke lifts my spirits,

we all come to pass,

A couple of casual comments summarise,

Over there they lie,

Another takes their turn,

Hopefully it is possible to learn,






I sit watching and listening to the trees,

waving on a soft summer night,

my spirits lift,

my body feels the warm wind that sways the branches,

misery and despair make way for care,

finally you are sat with me,

as temporary as the seasons,

I cannot give you my reasons,

they watch on,

waiting until he is gone,

sniggering, bitter wit,

pieces of shit,

my heart still hurts,

my head feels heavy,

moments pass,

I wish to be free,

filling myself with clean air,

my heart ignites, I love you so,

please, I never want to go,



We took turns to be misunderstood,

words turned to glass,

as winter took it’s last,

cold victory,

satisfying Spring,

painted and bathed,

a festival of love,

falling summer rain,

shattered blue sky,

little yellow strikes of burning light,

the sun shone through us,

we ignited,

kinetically delighted,

dark but fair,

deep and blue,

could what your saying,

possible be true,

I don’t like to stop to wander,

nor shall I let us stand here while I ponder,

every single second of every interaction,

chasing laws of maths,

she smiles when he laughs,




The answer to your question (s)

Temporary is (a) constant,

Everything is permanent,

style in a photograph,

a stolen moment,

a longing to live,

the strength to forgive,

we live now,

sow the Autumn harvest of rain,

and paint the drops red with my pain,

you at the path at the end of my lawn,

occupying sentiments in one another’s brain,

pass me the tea, i’l take it strong,

try to forget, but yet you belong,

my heart touched by your joyful song,


Reality bites,

painting with layers of oil,

blood and handfuls of soil,

colour, textures, patterns and shapes,

years of toil,

concealed with thick layers,

all are now one,

competition for resources,

a quest for the conscious,

floating away from each other in the vastness of space,

decisions made with pressure and haste,

black holes battles for control,

remaking, recreating over and again,


I carry your kiss,

a smile warms my heart,

hands cold,

slowly growing old,

youth, young again,

I stand still,

quietly the night tires me,

complaining I worry my life away,

thankful for every second of every day,


your voice,

questioning we argue,

colours, fresh clothes,

chocolate and beaches,

floating in the sea,

married to the sky,

our tears,

I kiss your head,

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