I carry your kiss,

a smile warms my heart,

hands cold,

slowly growing old,

youth, young again,

I stand still,

quietly the night tires me,

complaining I worry my life away,

thankful for every second of every day,


your voice,

questioning we argue,

colours, fresh clothes,

chocolate and beaches,

floating in the sea,

married to the sky,

our tears,

I kiss your head,

The Wind and the Sun

Lake District Mountains

The answers were never clear,

deeply submerged by fear,

solidarity my only retreat,

please let me know where we can meet,

streams warmed by the sun wash my feet,

the babbling sounds capture my heart,

my love for you and your art,

gives me a daily fresh start,

we climb the mountain,

on a clear summers day,

I feel your warmth as the wind whistles,

we climb down and stop to bath in a mountain stream,

blessings and wishes, I will always be holding your hand,

running to catch up as we walk your land,



Through the clear night sky,
I spoke my mind,
clean space,
clean air,
sitting still,
drinking tea,
it’s kind that you listen,
let’s watch the branches wave in the wind,
let’s listen to each other,
contentment stares back to me,
the sea waves splash my feet,
I walk slowly in,
floating on my back,
warm sun gently soothes,

Silk Sky

I ride by my ancestors side,

Gliding through silk sky’s,

Scotch smoke


Warm Scotch Wiskey 🥃 rain,

soothes my heartache,

soothes my pain,

strong smooth smoke fills my brain,

peace and tranquility I seek to find,

Creation elation


Grafting together in the silence of a golden night,

a painting of true delight,

dashes of colour,

textured depth,

brush strokes pulling through the paint,



selfless patience,

pursuit of mutual perfection,

passionate loving affection,

a vibrant image,

an everlasting contribution to evolution,

creation elation,




Paidom of Speech

Free! free! Freedom of speech,

have you forgot my sacrifice?!

I gave my life,

i’m still here, dead, in the dirt, beneath your feet,


keep your mouth shut then,

I’m trying to think,



Blonde hair, black heart,

German daughters,

bleeding Russian red,

a costly defeat,

entirely complete,

welcome to Berlin,

lets begin,



no, no, longer,

free work,

two words,

not often placed together in that order,

build another border,

he who has not sinned, cast the first stone,

parents sent their children to throw the stones,

a game of smash the plates,

do the righteous and the worthy both taste the same?




Frosty Starz

Frosty Starz


My stars have aligned, I will disappear,

no love, no worry, no heartache or fear,

I will take your photograph every day, print it and send it on its way,

so as I wander lost, I will meet you and share a smile,

everyday you brighten,

speaking through rambling thunder,

lightening cracks in the sky,

starting another beautiful day together,

rain falls, we begin to march again,

we stand in solidarity,

with everyone and who they tried to be,


evil, wicked,

narrow-minded, short-sighted,

heartless, selfish shits,

love enveloped them,

we fight to forgive,

as the paranoia disposes of every pleasant feeling,

lonely and miserable,

I mutter,

a testament to lack of trust,

what do you know?

I am happy,

perhaps I was born to hate,

you my white friend, are in the wrong state,







You are my vision,

my heart, fire and soul,

you guide my decision,