I have an inability to express what’s in my heart,

I have an inability to know where to start,

So quietly, I slid myself beneath the waves back into the warm dark ocean,

Matter of Time

Letting go of the darkness surrounding me,

The beauty of all I see remains a burden,

Too temporary, too delicate, too fragile,

I cannot find peace,

I long to walk in the light, but cannot handle the fight,

Wickedness, supernatural fears,

Uncertainty and the inevitable argue and agree,

I immerse myself in fresh clean air, wild wind, rugged landscapes and warm Sun,

I sit on the shore and argue my absence,




A disingenuous management tool delaying belief,

a cruel catastrophe,

it divides our time,









Reading my poem, A Loving Ramble


Soft and unprepared,

I am tired and I am scared,

I want to press pause,

to insert a sanity clause,

I am truly yours,

all cruel and wicked tongue,

though it is with you I belong,

the sharp moments of gravity,

provide the clarity for me to see,


Like a painter,

you shocked my senses,

vivid sharp colours,

shine in the bleak sky,

weightless immersion,

floating in warm waters,

the comfort of your approval,

 solid wooden antiquities,

the character of time.

Reading my poem Vicious

Wild Wind Poetry Reading

Black Earth Roots Reading

Wild Wind

As the wild wind blows across my being,

the lies, the cries and all the foreseeing,

my consciousness is left behind,

I am now elements,

I feel the rain on my face,

as I walk through this rugged beautiful place,

the warmth, the reminders,

the receptive eccentric,

that loves to dance,




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