Her ancestors they knew,
the currencies of mankind,
the value of space, freedom,
liquidity, movement and choice,
love and safety,
it couldn’t be taught,
trying and failing,
the cost alienating,
overcompensating, misplacing,
feel what you see,
shape with your arms a future,
finish a little before last,
computer generation,
throws of information,
sensation and elation,
little known complication,
surprising dedication,



Roots pushed firmly in by your boot,
painful history sunk in black earth,
rescued from regret,
planted in fertile ground,
nourished and nurtured,
with love as a surround,
everything thanks to your commute,
apologies and despair,
water, love and care,
never put to bed,
the path once made,
a debt is never paid,
only the soul each day weighed,
the tree gives fruit,
painful roots,



A terrible turn,
an awful fright,
penniless and powerless,
in the face of great might,
like the changing of the weather,
she got herself together,
taking stock,
of memories briefly forgot,
a new found momentum,
steady hand on the rudder,
mistakes still causing a shudder,
thunder crashes,
lightening strikes,
new direction,
a declaration,
beloved nation,
powerful creation,
fight or flight,
the owl glides quietly through the night,