What may taste delicious,
followed an act that was plain vicious,
there are no victors here,
just a conveyor belt of fear,
to afraid to ask,
how did this begin,
the stones of sin,
 pierce the thickest of skin,

Life’s work

He looked a little distant,
so she quietly asked the time,
a bond of steel,
a love he could feel,
holding him firm and carrying him high,
following him here,
taking him there,
with tranquil industry,
her elegant quirk,
kept him dedicated to life’s work,
fiercely protective,
with an army might,
she gripped him firm,
and held him tight,
her one quiet question,
is he alright,



The severity of brevity,
without time,
voices turn to mime,
lost in a place,
my mind begin to chase,
your loving grace, 
to speak face to face,
please do not race,


Inclusive glow

Inclusive Glow
A heartfelt reliance,
on poetry and science,
a quiet retreat,
from the social elite,
finding her feet,
she would never delete,
the words were kind,
her mind shined,
an inclusive glow,
that was individual to know,

The sentiment of time

A gift of a moment,
the sentiment of time, 
measure me, treasure
and wish me away,

The man that time forgot

The man that time forgot

looking across the bay,
from the mountain,
standing as tall as the trees,
whispers blowing in the breeze,
gentle but unrelenting,
cast into the rock,
the man that time forgot,