I am writing for you,
placing words carefully,
like exhibits in a gallery,
positioned daintily,
the rhythm of an Irish fiddle,
an ancient riddle,
influence that may succeed,
in the evolving breed,



Formation of Geese

Quiet peace, 
the formation of Geese,
gazing below,
at the gentle snow,
in the triangle angle,
doubts began to untangle,



Shaped by fear,
he became well defined,
trapped in a troubled mind,
shaken to the soul,
all that remained was self control,



A piece of earth –

After being asked to come in from the cold,
deciding not to be so bold,
still standing in the frozen North, 
a small price to pay for quietness each day,
a piece of earth without a clan,
it is here where I can decide a plan,
it is here that shapes a man,

Highland cattle in the snow

Shimmer like the sea

Shimmering sea

She shined like a diamond,
shimmered like the sea,
she chose to spend time with me,
calming every storm,
bringing back to favourable form,
two people reborn,



Please refrain from asking me,
about the deep, dark and dangerous sea,
it shaped them all,
into the carnivorous, paranoid villains that you see,
please refrain from asking me,
what was so dangerous about the sea,

oil painting called turbulent sea


Lifted up across the sea,
placed down carefully,
fertile ground,
growing without a sound,
strong and firm, reaching out,
across the sea, touching,
plant the seeds of destiny,


Forest Oil Painting

Ferocious sea

Boat in the Ocean

Across the rough, wild and ferocious sea,
there she stood waiting for me,
the saving grace,
a happy face,
a sad man,
now content with a plan,
with feet now on the land, she took his hand,


Small commotion within an ocean

A small commotion taking place within a powerful ocean,
secret words and magic potions,
lost legends of mighty makers,
wondering where this night may take us,
leave us ready to enjoy the day,
rest, work, love and play.



Left alone, wrapped in fear,
what he turned to was the beer,
fat as hell, rich as sin,
the world around him felt so thin,