A poem called Dancing in the Sky

Dancing in the Sky
Dancing in the Sky
Only to dance in the sky,
is a wish,
like the birds have taught us,
our long standing relatives,
let us, let them, lead us in the star dance,
flow through the clouds,
free fall through the blue sky,
Only to dance in the sky,
dive into the ocean and jump back out again,
fly by, so high,
nothing can bring down the day of a bird,
if they are feeling blue,
they just push off and up they go,
never to be held down,
 by what keeps ourselves captive on the ground,
Only to dance in the sky,
it has been earned,
by evolutionary decisions,
made by those who came before,
lets take our hats off to the happy birds,
that sing to us each morning,
for they have earned there happiness,
let them, lead us!!
Let us dance in the sky,

A poem called Ocean Shaping

Ocean Shaping


Ocean Shaping
Ancient Oceans and their mountain companions,
shape each other as we one another,
Sometimes gently sometimes with force,
driving us on our ancient course,
History will mould us,
just like the boulders,
that lay where the ocean meets the mountains,
Let us face the sea,
as sturdy as thee,
Let us take shape as you guide us on our course,
reduced eventually to the size of a pebble,
in the old book that is history and time,
For our place may change,
as each may take their turn,
at being both ocean and mountain we learn,

Her Hair


Her hair


The wind whistled through the naked lady’s hair as she watched down below from the top of the cliff where she stood. 
Nothing could be left to chance, 
an arrow through heart of those who choose to advance,
fucking like crazy and running like mad, 
this is the best life we ever had.




Nothing will make people choke on their breakfast like the first pig that talks, #techmarcheson #machinelearning #translation

— Samuel Pye (@oceanshaping) July 1, 2017