Monday, 26 June 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

second in command

second in command,
never overplayed his hand,
helped those that love the land,
so stronger they may stand,


Dna spread,
in ways that were not said,
through language and expression,
making a lasting impression,

Saturday, 24 June 2017


first she was not heard,
 then she commanded, 
all working to the plan,
 now a thousand angry voices,
 wishing for different choices,

First bite

great minds compressed, 
into a snack for the rest,
 the first bite was the test,
 now to stop the fight,
 argue with all your might,

Why loot when there's fruit,

Given all nature's fruit,
they chose to loot,
from the Kingdom,
furry, feathery and cute,


Equal and opposite reaction, numbers

For every equal and opposite reaction,
 we may just be a number in a fraction,

Quiet footsteps, never standing still,

The war had darkened the depths, 
now they insisted on quiet footsteps,
though never standing still,
for fear of a shudder from the kill,


Original blue and true green,
and all that lay in-between,
passionate red and solid brown,
there is no colour wears the crown,


A toast of tea

The lady with the white hair,
sighed patiently,
 watching the world from a dark brown chair,
toasting tea, to youth, chance and another dance,

Deer and fawn

Kind acquaintance.... feel that bit better,

A change in pace as a kind acquaintance saved a space,

an extra or change of letter,
helps to feel that bit better,

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

In the distance

In the distance I thought I could see,
what it was that was finally driving me,


Looking for mercy from the thirsty,
as crazy as the lazy,
nature shows what only God knows,

Hens, watermelon