Sunday, 25 September 2016


Busy as a bee,
busy as me,
busy like city,
busy but witty,
a little Mextic, 
like a Cairo street, 
press delete,


Saturday, 24 September 2016


As autumn came life retreated again,
a moment of pause,
in the great cause, 
returning in time,
with the sunshine,


Thursday, 22 September 2016

vision without decision

Nobody knew as the sides were drew, which was this would travel and the story unravel, one of them realist and the other idealist, fighting over writing, a vision without decision made its steady course through the middle, uniting and exciting those tired of the fighting,

Thin soles - leather boots

Tan leather boots,
 soles worn thin,
though still a smile and a tough grin, 
never before could he of imagined what was in-store, 
days and days, walking from place to place, 
sometimes catching the train,
 merely to be told to get off again,
walking again, through places of wonder,
mountains and thunder, 
castles carved in the rock
and rivers that flow round the clock,

Catching rays

He walked for days,
 in the sun rays, 
shouting and ranting about the in-just,
 for him this journey was an absolute must,
 for in this way his system rebooted,
 though much of his bank account he may well have looted, 
after this madness,
 came a time of sadness,
 hitting the ground with silence and no one around,
 hard to forgive,
 though he must continue to live,
 for each path and its aftermath, 
pave the way for a brighter day only a sunset away,

Monday, 19 September 2016

ideas test

the ideas, bright in the dead of the night, have to face their test, of a morning after short rest,


Jesting with words, then sticks, their arms grew bigger and started to throw bricks,

old engineer

An old engineer harnessed his fear, working with speed, he began to feed, all those in need, only stopping to read, what planted the seed,


Darkness fell, the moon light cast its spell, a tired soul, unable to rest, found it's soft glow a bless,

revolving doors

shaping a path through the aftermath, of a million years of hope and tears, the all controlling evolving revolving doors,

distant voices

excited by distant voices and unspoilt choices, shouting in reply, waiting to see who will pass by,


Guiding the herd,
 with unspoken word, 
the slowly ageing buffalo,
 led all carefully through the snow, 
to spring grass,
 plenty at last,


what was said, embedded in my head, holding on strong, to precious moments long gone, one day, meeting again, unheard word,

Indian land

wild people scream, democracy the dream, a Chinese hand in an Indian land,

the sailor

a sailor pardoned by the sea, from what might be, an untimely destiny, a small thank-you prayer, now he lives with a little more care,

Wandering man

A wandering man,
 carried a can, 
any spare change,
 people thought it was strange, 
what began with a can, 
was the making of the man,

wise man's eyes

he looked across at the wise man's eyes, not expecting a look of surprise, however clever, the wise man struggled to keep it together,

mystery of history

The mystery of history, Lessons of time, align, the balance is forever fine,

tide of the sea

I see her walking to me, like the tide of the sea,

miserable thing

he tries to smile, as he waits a while, for the phone to ring, what a miserable thing,

kind words

Kind words, are like a bridge, a solid ridge, across the turbulent waters, that no one taught us,


a crash of light at night, following by a thunder rumble, can make us all feel humble,


one more addition, to the tradition, of writing, and delighting, those that take pleasure, from a simple measure, of words,

fresh song

a fresh song each morning, from every little bird without warning, a new tweet, that you cannot delete, a new song, a place to belong

live by the pen

many women and men, live by the pen, as their word is heard, even the absurd, as its effect, is not yet known,


to share is to care, to learn is to earn, to rhyme is to discover, a little more from one another,

sadness and madness

a sadness, can lead to madness, struggle and strife, can take or make a life,


spare a thort, for those who taught, what may seem, just a dream, that all the nations, can develop relations,

dove of peace

cherish the dove of peace, for it grieves, for those who have died, in pain, so that it may fly again,

story untold

The coffee that has gone cold, The story left untold, Blood and screams, And scattered dreams,


The druid said, Time for bed, Forget that which in your head, Rise up early, With your hair all curly,

ancient relationships

Where the ocean meets the shore, An ancient relationship, That navigates our land, Like the lines in the hand, Lay pebbles in the sand,

dark lane

Talking as you walk, Down the dark lane, From where you came, The talking breaks the silence, That can divide us,

our song

it is what has kept us here all along, a will to survive and sing our song,


the cornerstone, of what we learn, must be from the past, and taught to last,


"the quicker we learn our way, we still must tread with care, for little did we know yesterday, what we know today, ...tomorrow"