Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Current form

My poem - Current form

Cracks appear in the sea,
universal might,
flashes of light,
current forms,

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


My poem - Search

Briefly with music,
some time in paintings,
moments in film,
though grasping,
expression cannot describe,
emotion cannot thank you,

Friday, 16 February 2018

Dark wood staff

Solid dark wood,
polished and understood,
remnants of moments long ago,
freshly dropped snow,
falling without a sound,
a queen freshly crowned,
shaping with beauty,
a strong sense of duty,
people working their best,
sleeping sound during their rest,
colour that never fades,
blood red,
darker years,
carved with kindness,
a solid shape,
golden flakes,
defining the outline,
watching whales,
under northern lights,
shaken from resentment,
dark wood staff,
silencing a wicked laugh,

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Torrent and tide

Torrent and tide,
changing form,
years of devotion,
passion and emotion,
giving and taking,
we are just awaking,
an unforeseen point of view,
a hidden clue,
an unspoken message,
secret transmission,
control and precision,
finally reaching a decision,
stepping aside,
for torrent and tide,
shaping and guiding,
while still deciding,

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Free space, a safe place

Free space,
a safe place,
no decision made in haste,
built to last,
lessons from the past,
politely answered when asked,
honesty without regret,
a place to never forget,
tranquil breezes,
no diseases,
blessed with devotion,
rocking gently like a boat,
afloat at the mercy of the ocean,
tell me who drank this magic potion,
that spoke through confusion and commotion,
free space,
a safe place,
water of life,
rivers of blood,
perhaps a little more understood,
a seed persisting through the mud,
they bound their heavy hearts with fertile minds,
forever in place,
creating an eternal expanding space,

Saturday, 27 January 2018


I talk and witter to the wind,
the Summer rain,
soaks the black earth once again,
the grass it loves to grow,
waiting its chance beneath the snow,
Autumn gives a colourful warning,
like preparations for a busy morning,
harsh, wild and bitter Winter winds,
clear the air,
leaving the trees bare,
Spring a joy, a welcome gift,
giving the living a well needed lift,

Friday, 26 January 2018


Protecting, directing,
shapes of a dancer,
words of prose,
the beat of a drum,
guitar twang,
the way she sang,
strokes of the brush,
colours and paint,
flowing from mind to hand,
times measured by grains of sand,
pleasant fresh land,
a touch of love,
rain from above,
all that you knew,
precious to you,
hounds bark,
in the empty dark,
threaten with fear, 
all that is dear,
you come in peace,
but live on the deceased,
be our shields,
and wrap us in gold,
let our loving stories forever be told,